For many Shippers, Consignees, Distributors, transport risks are a source of concern. Indeed, from the moment of dispatch, until the moment the cargo arrives at the final recipient, various troubles can occur with the cargo.

The liability of the carrier Trans-GroupSPb (LLC Trans-Group SPb) is insured by TTClub, this company is a leading global insurer providing risk management services in the field of transport and logistics.

More than 10,000 companies in 150 countries of the world are members of the TT Club, including 25 of the 30 largest shipowners in the world, 20 of 25 forwarders, 5 of 6 port holdings, 2 of 3 of the world’s leading leasing companies. TT Club insures 75% of the world’s container fleet. About 40% of the world’s container turnover is handled by the TT Club member companies.

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  • TT Club Driver Manual

Cargo owners should remember that companies engaged in transport and forwarding activities are responsible for the loss, shortage, damage (damage) of the cargo belonging to the client. However, the freight forwarder is liable to customers in the same way as the respective carrier is liable to him. So, when transporting in international traffic, the carrier’s liability is limited by international conventions:

  • 2 SDR units for sea freight;
  • 17 SDR Air Freight;
  • 8.33 SDR units for road transport;
  • 17 SDR units for rail transportation.

But the Cargo Owner must be clearly aware that such insurance primarily protects the carrier and is not intended to help the cargo owner. Moreover, carriers are exempt from liability if the loss, shortage, damage to the cargo occurred as a result of circumstances that he could not foresee, the prevention and elimination of which did not depend on him. You can only protect yourself from such losses through competent cargo insurance. We are ready to assist you and select the optimal insurance program for your cargo, as well as calculate the cost and issue an insurance policy.

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