Customs carrier

Our company is authorized by the Federal Customs Service (FCS) to carry out international cargo transportation in which foreign goods are transported through the customs territory of the Customs Union without paying customs duties.

Trans-Group SPb was entered by the FCS into the register of customs carriers and the company was issued a certificate of its inclusion in this register. This certificate can be found in the section About the company / Licenses. One of the unique capabilities of a customs carrier is the ability to transport goods in transit, until the due customs payments and duties are paid.

The main conditions that a transport company must meet to be included in the register of customs carriers:

  • general form of taxation;
  • international transportation of goods for at least 2 years;
  • own fleet of vehicles approved for international transport;
  • provision of security to the FCS for the payment of customs duties in the amount of at least EUR 200’000.

There are alternative ways to transport goods that have not passed customs clearance:

Carnet TIR transport (TIR Carnet, international road transport);
provision of a guarantee from the recipient (this means payment of customs duties before transportation);
surety from the insurance company;
bank guarantee.

Cases that require the services of a customs carrier:

Customs transportation request