Consulting services

The economic situation in the world markets is constantly changing. In these conditions, competent consultations of specialists are relevant not only for companies that are first faced with the need to conduct foreign economic activity, but also for companies that already have experience in trading with foreign countries.

The foreign economic activity consulting service offered to our clients consists in providing qualified consultations in the legal, organizational and financial areas of foreign economic activity.

Lawyer consulting:

  • Selecting a scheme for a foreign trade transaction;
  • FEA outsourcing;
  • Legal features of foreign economic activity in the Russian Federation;
  • Legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of foreign economic activity;
  • Certification of imported goods;
  • Registration of a participant in foreign economic activity at customs;
  • Documents and information for customs clearance;
  • Measures to avoid problems during customs clearance;
  • Criteria for enhanced customs control (risk profiles);
  • Justification of customs value;
  • Document flow when registering special modes;
  • Customs clearance on the territory of other countries when registering import, export, transit, temporary import and export.


Financial advice:

Consulting on the organization of foreign trade supplies:

Registration of shipping documents.

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