Cargo escort

One of the specialized services offered by our company is the transportation of high-value goods. Since December 2005, Trans-GroupSPb Ltd (LLC Trans-Group SPb) has been included in the register of customs carriers. This allows our clients to minimize transport costs in the implementation of international road transport associated with the increased requirements of the customs authorities in the form of additional cash security for customs payments and customs escort when transporting expensive cargo.

However, it is during the movement that vehicles, transported goods and drivers are most vulnerable to criminal attacks from criminals, which makes attacks on vehicles a very common type of crime.

For several years, our company has been cooperating with the Department of Internal Affairs at the Central Internal Affairs Directorate for the city of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast and a number of private security companies (PSC). All work on the protection of the property of the cargo owner during its transportation is carried out by employees who have undergone special training. The use of modern vehicles, mobile communications, satellite tracking systems, automatic weapons, personal protective equipment and special means allows you to successfully solve any problems of protecting property during its transportation. Thanks to the introduction of modern means of communication, as well as measures to coordinate the activities of territorial bodies of internal affairs along the entire route of the protected cargo, interaction with the FSB, traffic police, customs authorities, the necessary infrastructure has been created that ensures the safety of transportation at the level of world standards.

The mere presence on the highways of well-armed and well-equipped detachments of non-departmental guards or private security officers is in itself a strong deterrent for criminals.

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